Social Media – A Recruiters Dream

Everyone, by now, understands just how powerful social media is. From influencers selling products to brands reaching out to customers, it is a whole new world out there when it comes to connecting with people but recruitment can also benefit. An impressive 59% of job seekers use social media to seek employment opportunities. For recruiters, this is a vital tool that has to be a serious consideration but why is social media a recruiters dream?

Target the Right Channels

Whether you are targeting a certain age group, a group of people with certain skills or more, then using social media allows you to target the right channels. Using trends on Twitter, groups on Facebook or opting for the professionalism of LinkedIn, you can utilise the right channels and find the right applicants.

Target a Specific Audience

With the right channels, you can target the right audience and so, you can create tailored recruitment campaigns that reach out to the right people. Create posts that include job adverts, further information and a call to action that inspires them to take action. The ability to target the right audience enables you to find the right people for the role in question.

Find the Right Applicants

While you can carry out professional background checks, you can also use social media to carry out personal checks. Social media is a fairly broad platform as a whole and it can help you to learn a lot about an individual just by looking through their profile or posts. This can help to reduce the risk of harmful applicants and allow you to make the entire process as effective as possible.


The truth is, marketing and advertising have changed considerably in recent years. The days of advertising in print alone have gone and with that has come the switch to the digital world of marketing. However, the great thing about social media is that it is a relatively cheap and convenient way to connect. You don’t have to spend huge amounts on advertising when you can post on social media in an instant and keep on posting relevant information to keep job adverts fresh. This level of convenience makes it easy to engage and when you engage, you increase the chances of finding the right applicant.

Social media is a vital tool that can help to drive recruitment and make the entire process as efficient and effective as possible.