Keep Your Career On Track


  1. Keep your CV updated
  2. Think & act proactively
  3. Keep your options open
  4. Be interview ready
  5. When an offer arrives don't delay

Keep your CV updated

Whether you have been in one role for a number of years or covered many different roles, it is important to keep your CV updated. Throughout this time, you would have picked up a whole new range of skills and experiences as well as potentially take on training while on the job. All of this is key information that you will need to add to your CV. It is vital to remember that your CV is not just about impressing potential employers but it is also about making it stand out from other CV’s. If it is updated and relevant then employers will see that you are keen to develop and learn.

Think and act proactively

It is all well and good joining a recruitment agency in your quest for new employment but you should not wait around for jobs to come to you. Yes, recruiters will do all they can to put you in touch with employers who are might be interested in your skills but you should also go out there and look for work yourself.

Keep your options open

If you are looking for work, it makes perfect sense to keep your options open instead of focusing on one specific role. This is not about applying for any job that comes your way but keeping a lookout for those jobs that are suitable and of the most interest to you. Attend as many interviews as possible before making that final decision regarding the job that is right for you. This will ensure that you have explored all possibilities as well as your selected market, leaving you in a position that enables you to make an informed decision regarding your next move.

Be interview ready

Interviews are part of the job hunting process and so, you need to ensure that your interview skills, as well as preparation, are right. Therefore, make sure that you have polished up on your broader answers and you are ready to sell yourself so that they choose you for the role.

When an offer arrives, don’t delay

Many candidates feel that once they have been offered a role, they can hold out on accepting it in the hope that another role will come along. However, this gives a bad impression and could lead to you starting off on the wrong foot in your new role or even having the job offer withdrawn completely.