Make Video Count in Recruitment

There is no denying that video is big when it comes to online activity and that is no different when it comes to recruiting. It is almost impossible to ignore video and although it has been expensive in the past, things are changing and it is now more accessible than ever before. This means that recruiters can really make the use of its benefits.

Why Recruitment Video is so Special

When it comes to job adverts with video embedded in them, the results speak volumes. These adverts command an 800% increase in engagement rates and there is no doubt that video is much more effective than images or texts. Therefore, recruiters should seriously consider incorporation video as part of their marketing strategy or risk being left behind. Along with this, video interviewing is also becoming a part of the recruitment process and so, they might find that candidates are more in tune with using video than they actually are.

New Platforms are Available

In years gone by, video has been notoriously expensive and it could take a lot of time to create small clips. In fact, video came with many other flaws as it didn’t feel innovative and it did not provide the control that users required for their own experience. However, things have moved forward because there are interactive tools available that have changed the game. You can now include slideshows, maps, documents and videos within videos. This is something that many major employers are now using as part of their recruitment process.

The Future is Video

Those who work in the video industry believe that this is a medium that is just getting ready, despite it being around for so many years. Hiring managers have raised expectations when it comes to recruitment providers and that means that paper CVs simply does not cut it any longer. Now is the time for recruiters to move with the times and embed video in their marketing activity as a way of enhancing the experience and service for all. The technology is improving and more and more people are in tune with the power of video as a technology. Video has changed our lives in many different ways and it is not stopping there. When it comes to recruitment, video is shaking up the industry but it is also something that recruiters have to utilise. If they don’t, then they might find that they get left behind.