Interviews & First Dates – Why Candidates Don’t Show up…

As a recruiter, you spend time finding the ideal candidate. Your client loves them but when the time comes for their interview or first day, they no-show. So, how do you avoid this from happening and why does it happen?

They need reminding

It is important to remember that candidates are busy, both personally and professionally. So, when you have booked them in for a start date or an interview, make sure you remind them. Give them a quick call before and give them some advice or ask if they have any questions.

They feel as though they have no relationship with you

Recruitment is a two-way street but you have to make sure you build a relationship with candidates. If you can do this, you will ensure that they like you and that they feel comfortable using your services.

Find out as much as possible about them

Being a recruiter is not just about finding out what they want financially because you also need to know who they are as a person. They might have dependencies which could explain them not attending, so if you find out the finer details, you can make sure you find them the right role.

Their expectations need managing

You need to manage the expectations of candidates and that means telling them the truth about the company. If you fail to give them this information, it means that they are turning up to an interview ill-informed and they might end up disliking the company or the role. Give them as much information as possible because they will then have a clear understanding of what to expect.

You were too slow

Candidates who are looking for work don’t want to waste time. If you promise that you will respond to them within a week but don’t then they will assume that they were unsuccessful and will then take another job. You need to make sure that the candidate is kept informed throughout, after all, they are the ones that make your recruitment agency tick! Even in cases where you are still waiting for a response, informing them of that is better than them waiting. You can even ask your client for an update if you feel that it is important that your candidate knows exactly where they stand.