It’s not easy these days to recruit the perfect candidate for a role; plus with the rail and civil engineering sectors suffering from serious skill shortages then it makes perfect sense to use a specialist recruiter like MXR who has operated in these industry sectors for over 20 years.

At MXR we take all the pressures away from the recruitment process so that all the hard work is done for you. We’ll identify, then head-hunt all available candidates, ensuring that meet perfectly with your role requirements. We will even arrange all the interviews and if required conduct some initial pre-screening interviews to help fine tune the number of candidates that you will eventually interview. With all the hard work done and a second opinion on candidate choices, then this leaves you free to concentrate on your own role, or if needed running your own business.

You can also be assured that over the years we have worked with some big names in both the rail and engineering sectors and that we keep a very large candidate database of potential employees who match specific skill needs for these industries. We are also very active in regularly sourcing new candidates with new skills, thereby ensuring that we can meet our client demands matching them up with the right qualified candidates.


Q) Will they save you time?
One of the main reasons for using a recruitment agency is to help save you the time associated with sifting through applications. This means that you will only be presented with candidates who are worth considering, making it easier for you to make the right decision. A recruitment agency will also set up interviews and deal with all of the administrative aspects associated with recruitment such as communication and retrieving references and qualifications.

A) The team at MXR will certainly help you with all of the above, plus more, saving you valuable time and removing any stresses from the recruitment process.

Q) Will they enhance efficiency?
A recruiter will take care of all queries and make it simple for you to deal with them in one hit. Should you require it, when the time comes they can also provide you with advice in relation to dealing with job offers and ensuring that the process going smoothly. They will also be able to assist with any short notice requirements such as filling roles quickly, enabling your business to function correctly

A) The team at MXR are extremely efficient at recruiting for any last minute roles and finding any candidates with specific or unique skill sets.

Q) Will they learn about your businesses?
When you choose to use a recruitment agency, the consultant will make the first impression of your business on all potential candidates. And so, it is worth identifying just how much they will learn and understand about your business so that they know exactly what they are talking about. This will ensure that your business is represented correctly.

A) The team at MXR visits all our clients on a regular basis. We take the time to understand the complexities of your business so that we can perfectly match candidates and represent your business just as you would like us to do.

Q) Are they a specialist in your field?
Depending on the nature of your business, it could be worth using a recruitment agency that are specialists in your field. This will mean that they are equipped to source candidates that are suited to your specific role and industry. They will have a clear understanding of your business and needs and will have access to candidates who have experience, so maybe a “catch-all” recruitment agency is not right for you and your specific needs.

A) With over 20 years of experience MXR are a specialist recruiter in the rail, transport and civil engineering sectors, so if you need to recruit someone from these fields then look no further.

Q) What do they charge?
Many agencies will offer different services and so, should you choose to use a specialist agency, you should expect to pay a higher fee. There are significant costs that are associated with hiring the wrong person for the job, making it worthwhile to pay more to ensure that you use a recruitment agency that will get the right results for you and your business. However, it is always worth understanding just what you get for your fee as this will enable you to compare different recruitment agencies across the board.

A) MXR will discuss and agree any costs at the start of the recruitment process. Our aim is to ensure that we keep any recruitment costs low and that you get great value for any money you spend with us. What’s more we have special pre-agreed rates for clients that we regularly recruit for.