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Attract Employees, Keep Them & Motivate Them!

Finding employees is easy but finding the right employees is where the challenge lies. However, the aim here is to find employees who will put blood, sweat and tears into your business, helping it to achieve its goals. So, how do you attract the right ones, keep them and motivate them?


It is not always about financial incentive. This is down to the fact that many people want to feel appreciated for the work and effort that they put in. So, whether you thank them or put in a reward system, you need something that motivates them. Money and additional leave days are always great but they are not always what people want. So, try to think outside of the box for inventive ideas which keep your employees motivated.

The Opportunity to Develop their Career

The reality is that financial incentives are short-lived and a reward system will not work long term. Therefore, you should ensure that employees can develop and progress. A development program can work wonders and help to make your business appeal more to potential employees. Give them the chance to learn and develop and make it possible for them to see the progress they are making.

Go Green and Healthy

Employees are now thinking about the environment and the state that it is in. Therefore, if you put effort into trying to do your bit, it will sit well with employees. Creating a green working environment will excite them and motivate them. Eco-friendly incentives can exist so gift them re-usable water bottles or healthy snacks but show them that you really do care.

Give them Ownership

People don’t want to turn up to work and go through the motions each day. They want a sense of purpose. You don’t want a workforce that is there in body but not in mind. So, you should make sure that all workers own the work they do. This might be taking ownership of the creation of a product or leading a project. Whatever it might be, a sense of purposefulness can help your employees to spurn your business on to success.


Workers want to know how they are performing and what they are worth to the business. So, regular evaluations are one way to assess their contribution to the business. This will enable them to know where they are and what they need to do to get to where they want to be. This is not about adding pressure but it can help to motivate them.